The United Species Space Corps focuses on every aspect of Star Citizen. We will explore the stars in search of new worlds and lost civilizations; our military might protects the ones we love and those we wish to form new alliances and friendships with, our science divisions will learn and adapt new technologies to what we do every day, whether it is saving lives or hauling cargo to our largest facilities. Our mining ships be it an Orion to the smallest Prospector will perform to the best of their capabilities and just like the average human... everyone has an interest in something. We can support that interest and we want you!


Turning something frightening and once thought evil into something good.

A military front is always a strong but scary concept and throughout the development of time, in ones life that individual will make a decision to choose whether they will partake in what is occurring in the galaxy today or to stand by and watch as innocents burn or the atrocities of government corruption takes place, perhaps they look to the stars to seek their fortune. Either way humanity starts small, just like we did. With two good men and a handful of credits, the United Species Space Corps has grown slowly and only accept those who look to do good in this Universe and defend the ones they love. We are mighty, we are valiant, and we are unstoppable. The United Species Space Corps will be around for even more years to come, whether you are interested in the fields of Science & Technology, Military, and Exploration, or Trading and Manufacturing the goods that we mine from space and the ground below; we will accept you!


Great leaders are not born skilled and experienced at what they do in combat or at home. Rather they are made and molded from the people around them, the experiences they gather, and the education they gain from our personnel. The USSC has the finest leadership; our officers are on point with military tactics and supervision, with the ability to help new players and create bonds between ship crews and squads alike - we know how to make our people fear nothing and enjoy playing together as a strong united corps.



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