Whether we are halfway across the galaxy or standing shoulder to shoulder in the heat of battle; teamwork is one of the major values of this Organization. We always look out for one another while helping each other achieve the same goal. Not only to benefit the individual but to help the Organization achieve a higher and more advanced position in the Universe.


Trust comes a long way, and our members are expected to trust one another in order to get the job done. We can be combating Vanduul or hauling large amounts cargo to our nearest compound; no matter the job we work together and always get to know one another as friends or family.


No one is left behind, and no one is left unguarded. In the Corps, we always protect each other as well as those we work with and the ones we promise to protect for the betterment of themselves and our own. Our ships are mighty and our fleet is even more so; be it pirates or Vanduul we always are ready to protect what we love and cherish most in this galaxy.

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